After a heady couple of months noding more and more daily, today I make my first noding faux-pas, and it's a bit of a doozy. To avoid adding further fuel to the fire, I shall draw a veil over the details of my offence, as much for myself as for the injured party, but it is amazing to me how much the angry reply of my victim strikes deep into my heart. I disconnected from the net and attempted to get some work done, but simply couldn't get the feelings of guilt out of my head.

I have sincerely apologised, but I feel an almost catholic need for punishment and redemption.

I hate hurting people's feelings - I seem to find it more painful when I hurt other people than when they hurt me - I guess I'm old enough and wise enough to be able to take the slings and arrows of others without it affecting me hugely, but I have far less internal defence against the knowledge that I've caused pain to others.

You know who you are, and, once again, I'm sorry.

Today I am just a little older and wiser, and will think more in future before acting.

Well, returning to my traditionally optimistic outlook on life, I can say that this has been the good thing to come out of today.

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