Any art intended to inspire or convey feelings of eros, or sexual desire.

In modern Western culture, some of the most common forms of erotica are erotic photography, cinema, literature, and dance. However, other forms of art have also been used to convey eros. In Japan, erotic animation -- aka hentai anime -- is quite common. The ancient Greeks made a great deal of erotic sculpture and pottery. Erotic poetry has also been popular in various cultures and times.

Many have used the word "erotica" in contrast or opposition to the word "pornography". The word "pornography" stems from the Greek words πορνη (porne) and γραφω (grapho) -- literally, "whore writing"; hence, either writing about whores, or writing by whores. Thus, to call an artist's work pornographic is to suggest that the artist is a whore; to call the work erotica is to say that it inspires your eros.

What, you wanted an opinion? A quip, even? Okay, here goes: Erotica is about people enjoying or indulging their lust; pornography is about showing off genitalia.