It is early on a warm summer's evening. The windows are open and a breeze blows the scent of freesias through the open window and moves the curtains lazily, as Michelle and Peter sink thankfully onto the sofa.

It has been a long, hard day at work for both of them. Peter has spent the last ten hours going from sales call to sales call, and Michelle has been standing in front of a group of 15 recalcitrant trainees, but at last they are getting the chance to relax. They sit there on the sofa, close together, with a glass of chilled Lindauer in their hands. The wine is fresh, sparkling, dry and refreshing, just what they need. The TV is on, but they aren't really watching it, it is just there so that they don't need to worry about a real conversation. There have been so many days like this recently that there doesn't seem to be any point talking about them.

Michelle leans gently against Peter and he puts an arm lightly round her shoulders. She smiles and turns her head to brush her lips against his, and they are cool, and beaded with moisture from the wine glass. Their mouths barely touch, just graze fleetingly across each other. Then she leans her head on his shoulder and kicks off her shoes, tucking her feet up under her on the sofa. As she sips at the wine, she gives a little sigh of contentment. Taking up a book - a big, trashy, mind-candy novel, she settles into reading, while he leans his head back and gazes at the TV screen.

Neither of them knows how long they sit like this, quietly, calmly, just enjoying being close to each other. It seems like forever and just a moment all at once. From time to time he strokes her cheek with a thumb, and she traces a lazy pattern on his leg, just above his knee. Nothing is said, nothing needs to be said. Each of them already knows how the other feels and words are redundant.

Twilight begins to darken the room eventually, the sunset throwing an eerie light over things. And as it does, she puts down her book and turns to him again, lifting her hand to his face and pulling his head towards her for a kiss. Still gently, but nonetheless intensely, their lips meet. Slowly, lazily, the kiss deepens and he slip his tongue into her mouth where hers meets it and tangles with it. He tastes of the wine and as the kiss lengthens she finds the taste is much more intoxicating on him than it was from the glass. When they finally break the kiss she finds herself breathless, flushed and wanting.

She looks into his eyes and sees the arousal she is feeling reflected in them, and, smiling, she kisses him again, her hand unerringly finding and undoing the buttons on his shirt, caressing his chest, lightly, teasingly. As her fingertips brush his skin he gives a little moan and his hand tightens on her shoulder, his fingers digging in through the light fabric of her summer dress. His other hand goes to the buttons fastening it, and soon they are undone, the dress hanging open on her like a robe as the summer breeze plays over her skin.

She lifts her mouth from his and snuggles her lips into the place where his neck meets his shoulder, kissing him there, and whimpering very quietly as his hand caresses her breast through her bra. She shrugs the dress off of her shoulders and drops her hands to his waistband, quickly unfastening his trousers, and slipping one hand inside his briefs. She allows herself a smug little smile as she encounters hardness, and hears him whisper, 'Oh yes!'

Then suddenly he pushes her away a little and stands, taking her hands and pulling her to her feet. Quickly, they lose the rest of their clothing and he pulls her tight against him, kissing her hard. Their bodies are pressed close against each other and their hands roam, stroking here, touching there, caressing...

A shiver runs through her entire body as his fingers slip into the hot wetness of her cunt and she gives a long, lustful moan, pressing herself towards them. As he strokes her it is only the pressure of his other hand in the small of her back, and her arms wrapped round him that keep her upright. Her fingertips play up and down his back, her lips are locked to his.

She could stay like this forever, except..... "I want you," she says quietly, "please..."

He releases her, gently, and then with a wicked grin, he sits down on the sofa again spreads his arms and says "Then have me".

This isn't an invitation he has to issue twice. First she drops gently to her knees in front of he, and lowers her head to kiss his wonderful, hard cock, very gently, very lovingly. She place a series of light kisses all along it, enjoying the way it responds to the touches, the way he gives a quiet groan of pleasure at each kiss.

Briefly, she considers giving him the best blowjob of his life, but she discards that idea, pleasant though it is. Right now, she wants him inside her. There will be opportunities for other things at other times....

So, working her way up his body with kisses, she stands, then, smiling at him, she straddles his lap. The way the seat slopes backwards allows her the perfect angle, and she lowers herself onto him, taking him in sloooowly... savouring the sensation of him filling her. Gods it feels good.... The stored excitement, coupled with those sensations is almost enough to make her come immediately, but she don't want to, not just yet. She wants to share that moment of climax with him.

She whimpers as his mouth finds a nipple, and encloses it, licking, rolling it around in his mouth, biting gently... and, almost imperceptibly at first, she begins to move her hips back and forth, stroking his body with hers.

His hands drop to her waist, though his mouth doesn't stop caressing her breast, and then he begins to subtly guide her movements, so the rocking becomes more pronounced. And with each stroke he fills her a little more, a little deeper, and her clitoris is excited by the friction of her pelvis against his. She leans forward to kiss the top of his head, and to whisper how she loves him.

She moves with more urgency now.... she can feel her orgasm overtaking her, and she so much wants him to come with her.... her juices are bathing him in heat and wetness, the rocking getting faster, more insistent, her body pressing more firmly against him. They are both breathing fast, shallow little breaths, and he raises his head and tips it back so she can kiss him, which she does, deeply, passionately, and with total abandon.

And then he grasps her buttocks and pulls her hard onto him. He is deeper than he has ever been and it is just so good. She clenches the muscles of her cunt tight around his cock stroking it and caressing it as she climaxes with a gasping "Yesss!" and happily she feels him coming, explosively deep within her, only bare moments later, his come mingling with hers, flooding her, warming her. The feelings of love, and lust, and complete bliss that she is experiencing are too intense to be described. It is one of those moments when life is almost painfully beautiful....

And she rocks still, each movement a little slower, until, at last, as they are both completely drained, she stops. And beaded with perspiration they cling to each other now, murmuring endearments and words of love.

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