I am sitting here waiting for something to happen. That "something" is currently undecided, but i'm sure it will be profound and enlightening. Patience is a virtue, just another to add to my list. Funny how the only way I can think to change my life is to end it, but then thats just a little counter-productive.

Recently I have been asking just about anyone, whether they would rather be God's worst enemy or nothing. Much to my surprise, I am the only person (so far) who would rather be God's worst enemy. I don't particularly like the question, because it implies the existence of God, but it's interesting nonetheless. Surely any sort of existence is better then being nothing? I suppose the definition of nothing must mean that you couldn't know you're nothing, so I guess its not that bad. Even so, I find the idea of being God's worst enemy quite exhilarating, because you are going to be the second most powerful thing in the universe (some might even say the most powerful). There is however a sense of irony which keeps haunting me; God (by definition) must have created his/her worst enemy his/herself, which must then collapse God's omnipotence. The more I think about omnipotence the more it seems utterly impossible. I won't combine the God of philosophy with the God of religion, because they are two completely different concepts. Does God even have a worst enemy anyway?

The "something" I am awaiting, must be to become God's worst enemy! It is profound, it is enlightening and it will definitely change my life!

Just need to get that 666 tattoo...