Count Me In, All Praise The Monkey

Yes godammit, I have a problem with all this Christmas horror. Tatty little Santas on every street corner and saccharine sweet carols on the radio. It’s time we made a stand for what’s important in the world; beer and laughter and fun without festive seasons. I demand the right to meet up with people I have never met and toast them heartily for the New Year

a monkey is for life, not just for christmas - Bah Humbug Edition

Place: The Bricklayers Arms
Date: Saturday 16th December
Time: 4pm onwards...

If you find the pub... it looks a bit small when you walk in, walk to the right of the tiny bar and you will find a secret staircase on your left leading up. Follow this upstairs for the room with sofas, armchairs and an open fire. For any of you sods who can't be bothered to find an A-Z, heres a bad map, X marks the spot.

              |R|                 |^
              |a|                 |Tottenham
              |t \_________       |Court
              |h  Greese_St|X     |Road
      Post    |b /       | |      |^
     Office   |o|  CNN   | |      |
              |n|        |  \_____|              
              |e|         \_______  
              | |                 |
              |P| Midland         |
              |l|  Bank           |
  ___________/   \________________/ 
                   Oxford Street   * Tottenham Court 
                                       Road Station
                                        (Piccadilly Line)

a monkey is for life, not just for christmas - New Year Edition

Place: ?? Yo!Below
Date: ?? Saturday 30th December
Time: ??

Details to be confirmed...


  • Anyone found to be in possession of a poor imitation of a monkey will be laughed and pointed at until they buy the next round.
  • Anyone (heyoka) who kicks my crutches away will get their ankles nibbled on.
  • WyldWynd for crimes against Mornington Crescent and suggesting we drink in a student bar... ahem...
    will be welcomed with open arms and offered many free drinks in the spirit of the season.
  • RalphyK's real name is either Art or Munchkin.
  • Anyone who laughs at my eyebrow will probably have no ankles left.
  • fondue the proper spelling of haX0r is rm -rf /home/$LUSER.
I seem to have picked up this reputation for being the BOFH or some SysAdmin horror, I'm all peace and joy really. Well I'm medicated at the moment...