In the Warhammer 40k universe, Talos are sinister war machines used by the Dark Eldar to spread mayhem and terror during their raids. They are roving torture devices birthed from the nightmares of the Haemonculi. It is much larger than a man and is the sturdiest unit the Dark Eldar can field.

A Talos is similar in appearance to a scorpion. It has two, large, rending claws on its foresection and twin laser turrets mounted on the top of a tail-like section on its hindquarters. These turrets, called the Talos Sting, spew forth a chaotic volley of energy towards its foes. The powerful claws are outfitted with a variety of drills and blades that allow the Talos to easily hew through sinew and bone. The Talos also uses these appendages to adorn itself with hacked off pieces of its slain victims. It will also force sufferers unlucky enough to survive its initial onslaught into its body cavity. There, they are held on the brink of death while being kept in considerable pain. The Talos uses the psychic energies from its agonizing captives to propel itself on to more carnage.

The Talos is a skimmer. It hovers slightly above the battlefield, floating towards its enemies. Instead of legs, it has an assortment of vile blades protruding from its underside.