Ah, but the Tori Amos-Neil Gaiman connection isn't precisely a secret; Tori and Neil have been friends for several years now. Tori will often reference Neil Gaiman and her friendship in interviews. On the other hand, she hardly ever talks about Trent Reznor, and there's endless speculation about why. Here are a few of the more interesting Tori-Neil connections:

Tori wrote the preface for The High Cost of Living, a limited run comic series that you can now buy as a graphic novel about the Sandman's big sister, Death. In Hotel, a song on From the Choirgirl Hotel Tori asks, "where are the velvets", the velvets are vampire-like creatures that appear in Neil Gaiman's novel Neverwhere (the novel, incidentally has a review from Tori Amos on the back cover). In Horses, a song from Boys for Pele, Tori sings the line "if Neil makes me a tree"; Neil does so in Stardust, a novel.