For those in doubt...

"Normal" does exist.

There are some under the delusion that social normalcy does not exist. These people have usually been outcast by the same society that they so hate. By denying the existance of normalcy, one is avoiding it just as a small animal avoids its predator by closing its eyes ("If I can't see it, it can't see me").

People who claim that there is no "normal" often wish to be normal themselves. The only alternative, being abnormal, is seen as something dirty and to be hated. This is not the case. Being abnormal is very fun. Normal people just sit bored when at a party that has no familiar faces. Abnormal people will get up and dance, yelling at people to join them. Sure, you've made a fool of yourself, but you've also made a lot of people laugh. Being abnormal can be fun.

How do I know that normal exists? Well, I just look at society. Maybe the norm is not strictly defined, but I definitely know that coating your face with flour while screaming the names of all your friends is not normal. Wearing jeans at a casual party is normal. Normalcy is more of a "vibe" than predefined values for social values, but that does not mean that it doesn't exist.

Anyways, you look pretty stupid denying the existence of something we see every day.