Raine Maida is the vocalist for the Canadian band Our Lady Peace. His real name is Michael Raine Maida; he switched to "Raine" due to there being another Mike in the band. He was born on February 18th, 1970, making him an Aquarius.

Like many singers, he also appears to write all the lyrics. I suppose people who have something to say to begin with are more likely to become singers. His lyrics have a minimalistic quality to them, but are very powerful. Some that have stuck with me:

White teeth, a ticket to meet God and be all that you envy
- From Is Anybody Home.

Someone help us understand who ordered
this disgusting arrangement with time and the end

- From Thief

Talking is just masturbating without the mess
- From Happiness & The Fish

Come on now, something's seizing
You know you lost your mind
You know we all need saving
She found you late last night

- From Potato Girl

He has a rather unique voice; and although it has been compared to Billy Corgan's, it's obvious he is the far more talented of the two... Especially if you've heard both perform live.

Physically, he's attractive enough to have far too many Geocities-style fan pages. He also projects a certain level of angst, but in a way that is slightly more accessible than, say, Trent Reznor.