Finished section B in the Dictionary of Sexology

~3:30 started getting ready for homecoming (the dance)
4:00 ready. Well sorta, need to put on clothes, will wait until its better time to do that so i don't get them all fuzzy and the like.
4:30 Mom insists that dad take pictures of me with my newly aquired sword while i'm dressed up, bleh, put on clothes and take sword pictures.
4:50 Right on time, call girlfriend to tell her we're leaving. She's doing her hair, i am informed she will call when she is ready. No estimate, just will call. Ok no big deal, at least to me, because all i can think of is ``weeeee i get to see her with something done to her hair'' (normally she's just left it straight)
5:20 Out the door.

Dear god did she look good.

Her house, pictures at her house (thankgod my mom is out of town), early pictures at the school, to_olivegarden(); Informed of 1hour wait, well whatever, need food. 15 minutes later we are seated for dinner, and somebody takes the tab from me for the drink i got while waiting.

Time passes, good dinner, no change from my drink yet, there is no way in hell that schmuck who poured me a coke is getting a 3 dollar tip. Whatever, get money back, it was thought to be from the last party so it went to the wrong person anyways, eh, stuff happens.

Get to the dance right as they start letting people in, fun dance, i danced, she danced (both of us for the first time less slow danceing) The DJ was actually good this time, he kept a general dance beet going, some of it even strings of techno songs, others popular songs with a dance beet over them. Lighting good, he WASN'T out to replace all breathable oxygen in the room with fog-machine crap. Music wasn't even too loud.

After the dance, i find the party i have been assured we're going out with afterwords, only to find out, he hasn't asked the driving party yet. Well that's great, call dad to come get us, after some debating we wind up at Bakers Square, the single most divine place to have a slice of pie.

12:30ish, her mom comes to pick us up and take us home, her mom being more sympathetic to the whole thing than my parents, who think that anything past like 10:00 is ``too late''.

Overall fun night, wasn't going to let the kid or my dad ruin the night for us.