Hrm, i didn't have a dream last night, but i do remember one i had a sometime, not too long ago, that I Didn't node. I Don't remember dreams much :-(

I was wandering around somewhere, with my trusty greatsword across my back. It was there as casually as a boyscout might have a pocket knife. No one seemed to notice that i had a sword across my back. Oh, this was set in present day, it was happening in some event i did that day, probably seeing a movie. Well i was confronted with a very stupid person, and my smart mouth got me into trouble. He had a gun, so i drew my sword, and advanced. He got a little freaked out, expecting me to go for a gun of my own, or run.

The guy obviously wasn't going to use the gun, he was just inflating his ego by having it. I wacked it out of his hand with the blade of my sword. I rambled off something about fighting with honour, and threw him another greatsword i pulled outta thin air behind me, but from the other direction, as though i had 2 of them crossed on my back, which i didn't. He fumbled it, then tryed holding it one handed, which obviously didn't work. The hilt was much to big to hold with one hand, and he kept almost-dropping it forward. So i told him how to hold it. Then i said defend yourself.

I proceded to attack him, not very hard, but basic lashes. He then decided he was an expert swordsman (which i am by no means) and attacked back. After a few swings i knocked my sword from his hands, and he ran off. I did the same thing with a cop, only he lasted longer, having some acual cunning and intellect behind him.

It was a strange dream, it all happened outside of a edwards movie theatre. My dreams tend to be one scene, which plays to completion, not a buncha strange events or whatnot. They are also in color, and i can read words in them. Oh well.