Another strange dream last night - I'm surprised because I usually don't remember them. Perhaps it's because somebody woke me. Hmm.

I was gallivanting around my school. Strangely, it seemed to be transplanted to Glendale or some part of the Los Angeles basin - the mountains were right up against it. I ended up at a table with friends, and we were joking around about shooting each other with a flare gun. Of course, we looked out the window (onto a LA street nonetheless), and there was a Russian ICBM lying on its cradle. No sense of surprise from the table, just "Oh, there's the nuke."

A few jokes about shooting it with the flare gun, and a firefight started behind the mountains. A large helicopter lifted off towards a pass in the mountains, and we were all quietly concerned about it, as if it was carrying medical patients or something. Another helicopter came through the pass, and the first one managed to shoot it down - fine, except then it crashed into one of the hugely oversized dorms and causing a nice fire. Something else buzzed the field we were on and dropped a number of pods with parachutes. One person in front of us cracked theirs open, revealing a Stinger. I was running for a shoulder-mounted anti-aircraft missle launcher of my own when I woke up.

- / +

Playstation plus Playboy channel before bed yields . . .

  • I am very small. Run run run, rappel up the side of the dollhouse to the second floor, jump in without breaking any glass, run run run through the rooms, fuck everyone I find.
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