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  • I was my father grading papers in his office. Two kids came in to beg an extension. I could tell they hated me. We talked and I pissed them off by saying I would only give them an extension for the purpose of learning something fully, not getting more time to waste. One got angry and left but the other one was paying attention.

  • It was the last day of school but we were all too old to be there anymore. She yelled at us to get our desks in line. We pretended not to know what she meant and moved ouir desks all over the place. She kept screaming "FEET ON THE FLOOR!" panicky, losing control, and we all knew it.

    Eventually she passed out slips of paper and made us all draw our favorite day. I took it seriously for about a second, then realized it was too much work, and drew what I wanted to draw. I could see a cathedral in my head and I traced it. I knew it was a careful line I was walking between vision and consciousness. I loved the lines of the cathedral's roof. On the grass down below, a man was chopping down a tree. Why? Someone had died.

  • In the restaurant I was shy but circulated among many groups of people. I didn't say much but that was fine. The waitress laughed and asked where she could find another one like me. I told her Paula would be coming in soon.

    I realized I'd left the sketch of the cathedral on my table and went back for it. I picked it up but it was a book of stamps and Hal was angry I was trying to steal them. I tried to explain but stopped when I saw Jeff Krug, whose eyes I could never quite meet. He was glaring at me, not saying anything. I tried to be polite but no one bought it. It was all my fault. I walked away.

    Walked back to my car, feeling satin skirt against my legs. There - the sketch was safely in the car. I went down to the river with Johnny and the girl. He had scrawled the word "eviction" on her notebook. He seemed sullen but I couldn't tell if it was because I was there, or if he was just being himself.

    The water was cool and clear and making its beautiful noises. I surprised myself by saying out loud, I want to jump in the river. But I was in a skirt. But I looked down and I was in jeans. So I would jump in the river; it was as simple as that.

  • I was browsing through a website with celebrity obituaries for sale. Only, here's the thing: It was celebrities who were alive. The site said you could download (or in some cases buy) an obituary of a celebrity you disliked and frame it on your wall. It also said, and I quote: "Bonus points for getting a major newspaper to run it as a real story."

    Macaulay Culkin's obituary was $39.95, and there was a free preview available (the letters were blurred but you could almost make it out). I read "Culkin died of choking on a hot dog (he heh hehe)" and that's all I could make out.

    It didn't seem worth it. That would never have gotten into a national newspaper or website (except perhaps the Drudge Report).

    Real-life counterpart to this dream: Newspapers really do have obituaries ready to go on many celebs. They update the files when the celebrity or politician does something noteworthy, and when someone finally dies, they add a few details and send out the story.

    Hrm, i didn't have a dream last night, but i do remember one i had a sometime, not too long ago, that I Didn't node. I Don't remember dreams much :-(

    I was wandering around somewhere, with my trusty greatsword across my back. It was there as casually as a boyscout might have a pocket knife. No one seemed to notice that i had a sword across my back. Oh, this was set in present day, it was happening in some event i did that day, probably seeing a movie. Well i was confronted with a very stupid person, and my smart mouth got me into trouble. He had a gun, so i drew my sword, and advanced. He got a little freaked out, expecting me to go for a gun of my own, or run.

    The guy obviously wasn't going to use the gun, he was just inflating his ego by having it. I wacked it out of his hand with the blade of my sword. I rambled off something about fighting with honour, and threw him another greatsword i pulled outta thin air behind me, but from the other direction, as though i had 2 of them crossed on my back, which i didn't. He fumbled it, then tryed holding it one handed, which obviously didn't work. The hilt was much to big to hold with one hand, and he kept almost-dropping it forward. So i told him how to hold it. Then i said defend yourself.

    I proceded to attack him, not very hard, but basic lashes. He then decided he was an expert swordsman (which i am by no means) and attacked back. After a few swings i knocked my sword from his hands, and he ran off. I did the same thing with a cop, only he lasted longer, having some acual cunning and intellect behind him.

    It was a strange dream, it all happened outside of a edwards movie theatre. My dreams tend to be one scene, which plays to completion, not a buncha strange events or whatnot. They are also in color, and i can read words in them. Oh well.

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