My girlfriend got her wisdom teeth out today. Fun stuff. She had four, one in each corner of her mouth.

First went to Vons to get snack and drop off film for processing. Then over to Hallmark to get her a card thingy. Wanted to get her flowers, but my only mode of transportation was bicycle, and it's a long ride to her house. Then i got a hair cut. I look all spiffy for my senior portraits now. Cycled to the village, and into nicks to write in the card. Then road to her house and just sat on her bed with her all day. It was nice, her mom just let me be in her room on her bed. By nighttime she was conced out in my arms, nice feeling. After around 45 minutes of just enjoying that, i decided i should get up. My back hurt like hell, almost fell over in pain, but i loved every second of it. Wrote her a little note, tucked her in, and kissed her goodnight, then her mom drove me home.