Deadly Towers was categorically one of the worst Nintendo games ever made. This horrifying game was obviously written with the intent of stealing the poor allowance of little kids who didn't understand that you should always read about a game, or at least play it, before buying it. The game was theoretically an isometric action RPG, but the graphics were so primitive and death came so easily that it was hard to see any character advancement happening. If one persevered and continued to play the beast, you discovered you could raise your life total and purchase powerups, like slight improvements to your weapon and shield. Deadly Towers was world reknowned for raising the bar on how buggy a title could be and still be shipped.

On a personal note, this was the only game my father ever purchased for me for the Nintendo Entertainment System and the only game I owned for the first five months of possessing that console. Being a lonely child, I was forced to play through this depraved torture-chamber-in-a-cartridge. Eventually, after countless hours, I felt like I was getting somewhere in the game, when I found that my game had become unstable. Upon finding that it had become unstable at my save point, so that every time I loaded my game it crashed within thirty seconds, I turned off the console, unplugged the cartridge, and threw it across the room with all of the strength my ten-year old fury would allow. Then I walked away, knowing I would never again be tempted to plug that evil beast in again.