A NES game. Apparently released in 1984 by Taito.

I must say I didn't really see this game being sold in Finland. Maybe for "some reason", the importer didn't seem to think release of the game was of high priority.

The game has this princess. The princess ends up getting caught by some eeeevil guys. This Kage fellow needs to use the elite ninja skillz to rescue the princess.

Amazing plot, isn't it?

The game has lots of blue ninjas and such... Kage walks really slowly on the ground, but that's okay: With a push of button, he leaps... jumps... over the trees... or something. And swings hands. Really. Even Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon didn't have this sort of amazing super-secret martial arts moves.

Ranked the 9th worst NES game of all time by Seanbaby.

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