What a brash thing to say.

That's what I first thought whenever I read P_I's writeup. How could someone be so disillusioned with Everything? Where is the love?

So I mulled it over a bit. Everything is a community, not an encyclopedia. The fact that people can message each other through the chatterbox only adds to the growing personality of Everything. Positive feedback, such as thanking for C!s, encourages a good vibe amongst noders and more writeups result. But then...

I realized that Everything is a society more than Everything is a community. Speaking solely on Functionalist Sociology terms, E2 needs people like Pseudo_Intellectual to bitch. If Everything were all nice and cheery and rosy (as suggested above), Everything would only be monofaceted. No matter how much you hate nodes about sex or nodes about drugs, they exist. It's part of the society that is E2.

Each one of Everything's users has a different personality, outlook, noding style, you name it. Every part, in some way, shape, or form makes E2 what it is.

Only you can make Everything what it is.