From a package of Trojan Brand Condoms:

Directions for condom use:

    Before sex
  • Use a new condom every time you have sex -- before foreplay, before penis gets anywhere near any body opening (to avoid exposure to any bodily fluids that can carry infection). Handle condom gently
  • Put a condom on as soon as penis is hard. Be sure rolled-up ring is on the outside. And leave space at tip to hold semen when you come.
  • Squeeze tip gently so no air is trapped inside. Hold tip while you unroll condom....all the way down to the hair. If condom doesn't unroll, it's on wrong. Throw it away. Start over with a new one.

After sex

  • Pull out slowly right after you come, while penis is still hard. Hold condom in place on penis to avoid spilling semen. Turn and move completely away before you let go of condom. Dispose of used condom properly, not in the toilet. And no more sex without a new condom. If condom breaks and semen spills or leaks, don't panic. But quickly wash semen away with soap and water.