There comes a time in nearly all soon to be sexually active people when it becomes necessary to broach the subject of safe sex and whatnot. In a slightly earlier age this might have been gotten around by other means such as Victorian morality or the pill, but when the condom is the glass slipper of our generation and when we are able to panic more about things that will kill us and less about things that may wreck our lives for the next 30 odd years there is only one real option for that discussion.

The Condom Talk

Often this talk is left to the hands of parents who probably aren't the best informed or qualified for it. Yes, they care about your safety - but they also haven't lived in a time when virtually no part of your conscious life hasn't had the spectre of AIDS overshadowing sexuality.

They also may take this opportunity to attempt to reenforce moral values that have little play in the life of the person receiving the talk.

No - much better if the talk comes from someone slightly older, but not parental. An older brother or older sister works well... but for similar reasons may be too close to the person who needs to hear and listen.

Since I spent years working as a safe sex educator and free condom pusher, I was the person most of my friends turned to when they felt their younger siblings needed this talking to. And after demonstrating proper condom technique in front of 50 college freshmen who are indignant that their school makes them sit through my crap, talking to a nervous 12-15 year old ain't so hard.

The Condom Talk itself is actually very simple. It just involves two things. The obvious: How to Use a Condom, and what should be obvious - that having sex is fine and dandy and good and natural and a-okay, just do it safe and then no one has any worries at all.

I always ended it by giving the kid what probably looked like a lifetime supply of condoms - say, 100 or so... Hey, I had condoms to burn, and their eyes get really, really wide when they see such a treasure trove.

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