A little story from my past which will hopefully urge you to keep an eye on developements down below.....

In my final year at University I had been dating a girl (We'll refer to her as 'x' to save any embarassment) for a couple of weeks.

One night we had sloped off to bed early with the express intention of practicising a little 'bedroom gymnastics'. One thing led to another and before long we were doing the deed.

Things were going to plan until during a brief respite I noticed that the condom I had hurridely donned 15 minutes earlier was nowhere to be seen. We searched the bed, the duvet, the floor, under the bed etc etc but to no avail.

Given that we were both a little worse for wear on the alcohol front we soon forgot to let the mysterious dissapearance bother us and we carried on excercising a little more caution than I had initially envisaged what with me being a 'bare-backed rider'.

Unfortunately a week or so later we split up, as people do in these difficult times citing irreconcilable differences and I thought I'd heard the last of the incident in question.

However, my best friend who was involved in a rather more serious relationship with 'x's best friend came charging in our house bursting with the desire to inform me of a fact that he had quite obviously been sworn to secrecy on.

It turned out that on the previous night, a full 2 weeks after the 'rubber-incident' that a rather battered and bruised condom had been deposited along with x's monthly discharge.

Suffice to say that as news 'broke' of this unfortunate incident (nice, sensitive people college boys aren't they?) the embarassment to both parties meant that we could never look each other in the eye again.

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