Yugo Next is an art exhibit created by students from the Manhattan School of Visual Arts, and overseen by their professor, Kevin O'Callaghan. The idea was to take a bunch of old, worthless Yugos, and turn them into something useful. For example, one student took a Yugo and turned it into a Port-O-Potty. I saw this when it was up at Grand Central Station (it's traveled all over the country since) expecting some fairly lame looking metal boxes meant to look like crates, or such similar garbage (I only went because my uncle is the crazy teacher who came up with and supervised this thing). However, it was pretty impressive what the students were able to do with these things. He has some good stories about how one goes about obtaining this many Yugos. For example, he got 39 Yugos for just $3,600 after putting an ad in the paper with, "Yugos: Dead or Alive". A lot of people were willing to just give them away. IIRC, he got the idea for this whole thing after he saw some kids using a Yugo as a backstop. If you thought some of these ideas sound crazy, you would (or wouldn't) be surprised how many sketches he got from his students for Yugo Condoms. Some examples of the art pieces include:

You can see some images at http://www.cruisin66.com/stl/yugonext.html

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