The Condom Person is usually someone that is possibly gay, gay-looking (bishounen-like) or unattractive. It is somebody that is usually a close friend and with whom you may speak freely. This person is with whom you talk to when you have relationship problems. This person, figuratively speaking, is your condom.

You often ask this person types of questions such as "Do you think he/she is attractive?" This person responds to your questions to comfort you, to reassure you, to empathize with you; to listen to you.

I am this person.

I've been called numerous of times by guys and girls for relationship problems. They seem to think that I am their guide in life, their flashlight for love. I go on and enter into long conversations to empathize with them. These people don't want to hear what you think, they only want to hear you say "Yes, I agree with you. You are totally right." On rare occasions, I have been known to assert a few of my opinions.

What of I? The almighty Lovemaster? The truth is, if I were gay, what is likely is that they would be disinterested in me. But I am unattractive, and this being their free, eternal Passport in gaining access to my ever-wisdom.

Well it sucks being the Condom Person, being neutral, hearing your incessant chatter, your whining; YOU! Why does the Condom Person not retort? That is in the very nature of the Condom Person. He (or She) is a passive person. A person with whom the interlocutor may pick on. The worst part is that, with each person I encounter (that includes the people I fall in love with, have crushes on, find attractive) assume I, as their Condom person. It hurts.

I've met other Condom people as I, who on their weekends get called by these horse flies. Some find it enjoyable, some end up ruining (squishing) the people with whom they talk and some like me, despise it without a voice.

The Condom Person is a person who is used and when done with, thrown away.

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