First dream:

There was some weekend-long concert festival that my mom decided to take all of my friends to. We camped out on the festival grounds and really got into the music. Satuday rolled around and we remembered that we were a couple hours away from home, and we needed to get to a rave at 9 pm. We all left except for a friend of mine who decided he wanted to stay and hang out with my mom. Then, all of a sudden, I couldn't find him as he disappeared back into the unwashed masses. I started looking for him because he had my two hits of acid that I was going to do at the rave. I couldn't find him and we ended up just leaving.

Wake up: 9:34 am. Too early. Back to sleep

Second dream:

We (a large group of people, and myself and a few friends) were in a wooded area. The bitch tour guide that I had last summer (we went to Germany, and she was a bitch about everything, and a horrid person on top of that) gave us all something like a report card on our behaviour throughout the trip. She gave me horrible marks and wrote some really unintelligable comments about me. I got all furious but no one else seemed to mind. Then she told us that we had an essay to write, and it'd better be good because it was due in 20 minutes. I got pissed off, jumped on a fallen tree and flew 50 feet into the air. When I came down, I was near a big, hand-built mansion of a house. I walked through the house, which seemed like a hunting lodge. I walked up the stairs towards an attic and I passed Rosie O'Donnell and Penny Marshall on the steps and they said something along the lines of, "You shouldn't be going up there...". I reached the top of the stairs and I opened the door to find a greenhouse. The air inside was nice and cool and beautiful neon-pink flowers lined trays on each side. A door led outside and to a deck. I somehow walked off the deck and fell twenty feet below. The scenery was beautiful, it was like something out of a picture of Hawaii. I walked around for a bit. Some distance away, I could see some mushrooms growing in the grass. I thought to myself, "Bah, they have to right to be here, they are making the grass look ugly." I decided I wanted to go back to the house, but I couldn't find a way up. I turned back around and I saw Morticia Addams (from The Addams Family), hanging upside down with her knees bent around a treebranch. Below her, there were 2 bright yellow, bananas boucing ten or fifteen feet up in the air. I figured that I could use the bananas to get back up to the house. I pulled on Morticia's hair to make a banana carry me up. I didn't realize it, but I was supposed to hop on to the other banana in mid-air. So, I fell to the ground. I fell right into the patch of mushrooms. The mushrooms were not nearly as ugly has I had previously thought. Their stems bent and twisted in intricate ways. I picked a mushroom and it oozed some kind of white fluid. Turned off by that, I pulled on Morticia's hair again, and caught both bananas back up to the deck of the hunting lodge/mansion.

Woke up.

Man, I haven't had a dream as vivid as that in a long, long time. I thoroughly enjoyed the dream and I wish I would have more like that.