The Seven Dragons is a style of fighting designed for LARP weaponry devised by Simon Wright. The style relies strongly on the fact that people are very wary of taking blows to the head; by feinting to the head it forces the opponent's sword high to parry it (or otherwise, allows a hit to the head.)

The steps of the maneuover are:

  • Choose your attack. Will you attack the head, either shoulder, the body from the left or right, or a leg?
  • Position yourself so that your sword-foot is more forward than the other.
  • Step further forwards with your sword-foot whilst attacking your opponents head.
  • As the opponent parries, move the sword around to strike the now unprotected location.
  • As you take a step backwards, aim for the head to force the opponent to parry.
  • Return to the ready position (sword-foot forwards) and decide your next attack.
To perform the Seven Dragons is to go through this sequence seven times, attacking:
  • The head
  • The right shoulder
  • The left shoulder
  • The body from the right
  • The body from the left
  • The right leg
  • The left leg
ie: twenty-one hits in total. These are usually performed against air; one of the most important parts of LARP combat is pulling your blows.

The head

The head is hit by a downwards cut from above, and parried by a horizontal sword above and in front of the head.

The shoulders

The shoulders are hit by a downwards cut, parallel to the head hit but inches to either side. It is parried by moving the sword to the head-parry position, but inches to the side.

The body

The body is hit by a sweeping cut travelling around the body and hitting in the side, and is parried by a vertical sword held low on the correct side.

The legs

The legs are hit by kneeling on the off-leg as sweeping around like the body hits. Care must be taken as you are vunerable to attacks from above. Leg shots are rarely parried; it is usually easier to hop back. If a parry is attempted, the sword should pass the opposite direction to the opponent's sword, otherwise it will just follow the sword and cannot parry.

A further note; care should be taken that the sword-elbow does not jut out; otherwise it is easy to hit.