Did my laundry. Paid off my credit card. Went to the library. Read "The Red Sea Sharks" (a Tintin book), an old issue of Paris-Match, and my e-mail. Listened to that home-made tape that has a Rammstein track, a Moby track, someone's metallish version of "Blue Monday", a Kid Loco remix, Fat Boy Slim's mix of the intro of "Rockafeller Skank" into the Stones' "Satisfaction", "Space Club 1999" and some other stuff.

Last night I lay in bed thinking about X (name withheld) so much that I only got 3 hours sleep; and woke up early to watch the French news on TV, but was only half-awake so during it had those half-awake dreams/semi-hallucinations. Now I'm fuckin' exhausted. But maybe happier than before (except that my interest in noding has almost vanished).