yesterday tomorrow

almost no one came to work today, giving me the opportunity to both get work done as well as muck about unobserved:

perhaps more mucking about than not...

I had a bit of a chat with some noders in the chatterbox on E2 about auto-linking nodes. idiotboy was of the idea that everything should take care of linking nodes together for him (perhaps he it is too hard for him to type []'s). knifegirl (unfairly I thought) berated him for suggesting something when he hadn't been part of everything for as long as her. pulp thought that perhaps it could only link low link-count nodes. I for one hate nodes that have every word linked, and stated so.

i got new shoes today, if that matters.

I am in Chicago right now, staying at a friend's place. Christmas was interesting, I left that evening for chitown. It really didn't feel like Christmas at all this year, and it hasn't sunk in that 1999 is almost over. I don't remember it even starting.

Social obligations sucks by the way, and so do boys who send fucked up signals. Awesome friends rule, and so do my rockstar pants.

I am so weird lately.. boy stuff is odd.. I am sick of dating, and sick of being single.. but even more so of dating.. so single is good.. i think

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