A noted independent music website focusing on primarily on punk and hardcore, while not only limiting itself to any one defined category. Originally created by Travis Keller and Aaron Icarus as a showcase for photography. Features scathing, bullshit-free record reviews of whatever is sent into them, along with any records they feel like covering. Notorious for their gossip page, which tackles and exposes targets throughout the music industry. Known for posting the phone numbers of people they don't like (including Limp Bizkit frontman and all-around idiot Fred Durst) and inviting fans to call in and harass them.

They also put on and cover shows, and operate as an independent label. They've released albums by bands including:

The Icarus Line
Ink & Dagger
Your Enemies Friends
At The Drive In
The Murder City Devils

If nothing else, they're memorable for having broken into Fatty Durst's office, taken photographs posing with his platinum albums, and stolen one of his innumerable red caps.