Everyone knows the windows key. It's that little button over next to the alt key, that you keep accidentally pressing while playing Doom. Why did Microsoft feel the need to make a key for a program you're always in? Because they're egotistical idiots. Plus, sometimes it's useful.

The windows key dates back years ago, when people were too stupid to press the start button with their mouse. The windows key was born. Now they had to decide where to put it.

At first, it replaced the space bar, but that was later revised when wordsstartedtoruntogether. Then they put it on the side of the keyboard, but then, no one ever saw it, much less used it. They needed to put it in a much more annoying space.

Games that were coming out around then often used the alt and control keys. Microsoft figured that if they put it between the alt and control keys, people playing would be more likely to press it accidentally, and it would be used more.

So now that you know more about the windows key, please do us all a favor, and pry it off your keyboard with a screwdriver. Do it for the good of humanity.