I don't really know when the dream began. I think it was on a strange bus. I was in the front, fiddling with some contraption that was built into the bus. It had a panel of switches, which I think I pressed. We were going to the high school I go to for geometry with a few other kids. For some reason, I think the bus was full, even though it wasn't later.

We arrived at the high school, and I saw some older kids in tuxedos. I figured that it was the end of the year senior party. There were tables with food on them. Snack food. I saw my brother, who is a senior there. I forgot what I said, but I figured out that there were no geometry classes for the day. We hung around, and had the snacks while waiting. Later, we got back on the bus, and left. The bus driver was an overweight female, with an attitude problem.

This is where it started getting weird.

We arrived at a building. We met the rest of our class there, who were on a field trip. We went inside the building. It was the Republican National Convention. I wasn't suprised, it was like I expected this all along. I remember seeing 2 radio talk show hosts. I had never seen them before, so I didn't know how they really looked. I remember hearing about other famous people too, but I didn't see any. The room was like a skybox in a stadium, but it was bigger and just had people. The convention ended, and we all got back on the same bus, and left. I remember mentioning that school would be over by the time we got back.