Reality Arrives

It's all about thesis, antithesis, synthesis, parenthesis and paralysis
Keep lit like Hassan Sabbah's palaces
Lambda, Epsilon to the Omikron
Rockin' on
My lyrics hip-hop's necronomicon
Stompin on
Your story getting to me I'm not letting it
Spreding it
Like Bene Gesserit's when they setting it
Best be forgettin' it
I'm spelling it out
Learnt it from a Jesuit
The secret that keeps the world turning
To embezzle it
State of mind's only at
Levels you already know me at
No Law of Fives or a Zodiac
To hold be back
Nor control me
Facts are established
Ensure my views ain't damaged
Attack with anguish
When I come back it's savage
Ravage mind states
Thoughts are banished
You're yelling "free me!"
See me in scenery reading Nietzsche
Puffin' greenery
To me
the world seem to be
Kafka-esk dreamery

My life began cursed
So I live life like reversed Karma
Rehearse drama
Doin' evil for equilibrium
desire burns
Spark the lighter
Inhale el smoke
Thoughts are well spoke
Ought to let those
Words enlight populous
Til I rest up in my sarcophagus
My scriptures in future colleges
on the monitors
Puzzling your Knowledge Officers
My reconnaissance
team's on to ya's
on all continents
'cause we dominant
Explode a lot of shit
Overthrowing Parliament
with our armourment
It ain't hard to step up and get hurt by this leader
My network's known like Al-Qaeda
From E-Texts on Palm readers
To Mass Media, Graffiti Art
Pass the weed to spark
With art let's set the screen and start
You fiends got heart
I'll give you that
You can't hide where my dominion at?
In your mind's darkest crevices
Your arch-nemesis
blessing heads with my Genesis