I was outside a big factory building from another dream, trying to get in. I knew I had to go around through the grounds of a samurai training place to get to the entrance. I didn't want to walk, too many chances to be intercepted by the samurai. I began to float in the air. I was a little wobbly at first then picked up speed and leveled out like superman. I swooped over a croud of the samurai, yelling out a Kiai kind of sound, very powerful feeling. I flew on a long way, swooping more groups and yelling, dodging bunches of trees and buildings, then I came to a tunnel. It was a pedestrian type of underpass and was full of people, realy packed. I hesitated, then dived straight into it, flying just above their heads, whooping and yelling. The rest is lost. I just remember the happy feeling of swooping the crowds.