Sometimes, my dreams flat out scare me. Not in the sense of a nightmare, just the sheer strangeness of them.

I am in a movie theater with two of my ex-girlfriends sitting on either side of me. We are watching a movie. At some point they both leaned over to kiss me, but I slid down out of my chair. This resulted in them kissing each other instead. After this happened they yelled at me and went back to watching the movie. It was some sort of twisted horror movie. Whenever an actor in the movie threw up, someone in the audience would vanish. I thought that the audience was dying. This continued until there were very few people left (just myself and a few other guys). When the movie ended Stalin came on to the screen. He was screaming at me about how all the people in the movie theater didn't die, he just kidnapped them.

I felt obligated to save everyone for some reason. The only way to save the people was to infiltrate this huge soviet battleship that was there. The only way to get into said battleship were from these tube slides(the kind at a playground). Stalin had poured lube on them to prevent people from climbing into his battleship. I recruited the remaining guys to help me get Stalin. After we had got in the battleship and killed all the soldiers, I had to find my ex-girlfriends. When I got to the room where they were being kept, I found out that one of them had a child. Of course the father was no other than Stalin himself....

And at this point I woke up
I never did get. Stalin though

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