I'm not responsible for my dreams. Please don't get mad at me for this, because it is not a mark of insanity.

 Can you combine the computer game Lemmings, Harry Potter, and Hamtaro? Probably not. Let my dream do it for you. Everything in italics is what was shown, not spoken.

 Hogwarts, 2004. This is shown in text. I am walking down the corridors. I turn a corner to find Snape. "Welcome, to the danciiiiiiiiiiing hamsterrrrrrrrrrrrs!" He opens his robes, and Ham-Hams go flying everywhere. He puts on a record. The theme to the first level of Lemmings plays. The Ham-Hams are jumping into water and drowning, falling off cliffs, everything. Just like lemmings. Snape is tap-dancing. I kick him in the shins and the music stops. Everything fades to black...

 Harry is walking down the corridors. Snape comes up to him, and angrily says, "This, Mr. Potter, is your-- new-- mother!" He shoves a rubber ducky into Harry's hands. Harry shrugs, and puts it in his pocket.

 Hogwarts Grounds, 25XX. The International Space Station has crashed. The Earth is in apocalypse, and Harry is outside on his broom, hanging upside-down, screaming "Look at me! I'm a bar of chocolate!" Then, a solar meteor falls from the sky and immolates his broom, sending him to the ground. The scoreboards read: APOCALYPSE: 1 - HARRY: 0 The crowd cheers...

 Huh? What the... Try putting that into the Harry Potter movies!

I was outside a big factory building from another dream, trying to get in. I knew I had to go around through the grounds of a samurai training place to get to the entrance. I didn't want to walk, too many chances to be intercepted by the samurai. I began to float in the air. I was a little wobbly at first then picked up speed and leveled out like superman. I swooped over a croud of the samurai, yelling out a Kiai kind of sound, very powerful feeling. I flew on a long way, swooping more groups and yelling, dodging bunches of trees and buildings, then I came to a tunnel. It was a pedestrian type of underpass and was full of people, realy packed. I hesitated, then dived straight into it, flying just above their heads, whooping and yelling. The rest is lost. I just remember the happy feeling of swooping the crowds.

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