You may have seen this on if you read there.
Quoted from the site,

"HavenCo Limited is exploiting a unique opportunity to set up the world's first real data haven. The initial showcase datacenter is the Principality of Sealand, the world's smallest sovereign territory. It was founded over thirty years ago and has obtained a unique legal status as the only sovereign man-made island. Its claim to sovereignty has been tested and supported in several legal challenges. Please go to the Government of Sealand site for more information on the Principality."

"HavenCo is building a secure managed colocation business with the added advantage that the customers' data will also be physically secure against any legal action. The company does not depend upon the continued legal status of Sealand as a de-facto sovereign nation, but it is in a position to provide a completely new niche in the secure colocation industry from that status in conjunction with a first-world location. Sealand is located less than 3 milliseconds, by fiber optics, from London, which is home to leaders in both global finance and international telecommunications. Other than San Jose, California, London is perhaps the world's premier Internet exchange point."

Sounds to me like they're doing this as a publicity stunt, but public reaction (by public I mean #litestep) seems to be favorable.