It's cool when something interesting happens for a change.

The last week or two have been insufferably boring and mindlessly tedious. School is one day after another of the same thing, and it was bumming me out in a major way.

Today, however, something anti-repetitive happened.

This morning, I wasn't planning on going to the prom. The very thought seemed ridiculous to me. I mean, it's just a mindless teen ritual, right?

This I thought until third block. During Small Animal Care (a.k.a. sit around and talk time) I learned that I had not one but two prospective dates. And AND they were the top two girls that I would have chosen to go with me anyway, had I decided that I was serious about going.

I still can't decide if going to the prom is going to be a bad thing or a good thing. It was all set up for me right under my eyes. Date, tux, transportation, and food. All I need do is buy a ticket. Pretty neat concept, that.

We lost a volleyball game today (I was in the zone though, by golly, by God). My date was there (playing, not watching), and I'm currently pretty excited. My simple teenage mind now floats in happy circles around my skull.