My experience with guidance counselors turned sour at a very young age. I believe the first time I ever met with a guidance counselor he ticked me off.

We were instructed to list three occupations that we would be interested in pursuing after graduating from high school. I was in seventh grade at the time. I put teacher on my list because that was something that I had always wanted to do and I also put sports caster on there cos I loved sports. I couldn't think of a third thing to put on there so I left it blank. Well when it came time to meet with the guidance counselor he ignored the fact that I hadn't chosen three occupations, he ignored the sports caster bit, and focused directly on me becoming a teacher. I asked him several times about the sports caster thing but he just gave me that, you're a girl look and changed the subject. The next year we had to do the same thing and this time I dind't bother to put teacher on the list, I just wrote sportscaster, PR manager for sports team and left the third choice blank. When I entered his office to discuss it he had crossed my two choices off and wrote in teacher for the third choice. Again, we didn't discuss anything else.

When I was in ninth grade I got to pick my courses for the first time ever. When I went in to his office he had already filled out the entire sheet and tried to insist that I take a typing class. I refused. He insisted. I refused. Finally I came up with the phrase that pays 'My parents said I didn't have to {take typing}'. He gave me that 'but you're a girl' look again and I smiled cos I knew I had won this battle.

I successfully avoided my guidance counselor until the very end of my junior year of high school. I had to schedule myself for classes again and I was really excited about taking Latin. I thought it would be really cool to learn Latin. This woman actually had the nerve to tell me that I could not take Latin because I was already taking Spanish and I might get the two confused. I said, I am taking Spanish and English right now and I don't have a problem seperating those. We argued but eventually I gave in because I remembered that it was going to be my senior year and I didn't really want to work too hard.

Then my senior year I ended up with an entirely new guidance counselor which makes no sense since she was the one that had to write all my college recommendations. What an idiot she was. I was in the National Honor's Society, I was a high honor roll student and she had the nerve to tell me that she didn't think that a four year school was the thing for me. I was livid! She told me not to bother to take the SATs. I did take the SATs and I scored very well. But I wasn't really sure how well I had done in comparison to other people. She mentioned that she knew the admissions people at RIT and so I asked her if she thought I had a shot at getting in. She looked at my SATs scores and gave me this pitiful look and said, well you might be able to get in. I found out later that I had scored 200 above the average incoming freshman. She also sat on my recommendation for a very long time. What a bitch.