My First Node of The New Fangled Millenium

Wouldn't ya know it? I woke up a couple hours early this morning and thought to myself,
Wouldn't it be a good idea to clean out the car? And while I'm at it I better look for that AAA sticker that I got for Christmas but still haven't put on my car."

Later that morning I smiled for a moment, finally I caught a glimpse of my future. I had made a budget, accounted for every single penny of my money, and if by some miracle I could stay with this budget, I would finally catch up with my bills on March 16th!! Of THIS year!

As if the thought of looking for my AAA card alone shouldn't have been enough car broke down tonight. Not exactly broke but the half shafts are in such poor condition that my car shook not quite violently but as close to violently as a car can shake without actually being violent. I was approximately 5 miles from my home when I tried to make a left turn and I kid you not, I really felt like my car was going to fall apart right then and there.

Wouldn't ya know it? I never did find that AAA card. And March 16th - yeah! As if!