Last night while I was noding I started to think about how much I missed watching Cheers. I wanted to node about it but I couldn't decide what I would write if I did. Then as luck would have it one of my favorite episodes was on Fox last night. My favorite episodes are the ones with Gary, from the Gary's Old Time Tavern.

The episode that was on last night was the Halloween one where they decide to get Gary by putting a floating hologram of Carla's dismembered head over Gary's bar. When they come in to check out the hologram Gary is laying dead on the floor. Sam won't believe that he's really dead until he goes to his funeral and even then he still doesn't believe it. He hung out at the grave waiting for him to pop up out of the ground but he never did.

So Sam, Carla, Norm, Cliff and everyone else goes back to Cheers and Woody starts crying because he is upset that Gary died and Sam follows him to the backroom and when Wooody comes out he is crying and he has his face all covered. Then as Sam is comforting him he takes his hands from his face and it's Gary! And everyone in the whole bar knew about it except for Sam! And that was the best thing about Cheers- you never knew what was going to happen, but something really wacky always ended up happening.

And that is what I miss about Cheers, it was funny because it was unpredictable. Television shows today are completely predictable and every time something happens that could have been a surprise, they leak it out to the media and everyone knows about it before the show airs and it's just not any fun. I want Cheers back!!