The first line of a memorable high school cheer, with recorded use as early as the 1940's. The cheer was passed on by oral tradition for the next 60-odd years, and is still in use by some schools today, in altered forms. The canonical form is:
Go back, go back, go back into the woods!
You haven't, you haven't, you haven't got the goods.
You haven't got the rhythm and
You haven't got the jazz and
You haven't got the team that [insert home team here] has!!

Of course over the years, thanks to the creativity and/or absent-mindedness of cheerleaders through the ages, the form has changed slightly...

The choppy, high-energy style of this cheer dovetails nicely with "U-G-L-Y, you ain't got no alibi" to form a best-of-both-worlds sort of hybrid.

For example:

Go back, go back, go back to the woods!
Your momma dress you funny and your team ain't no good!
And you UGLY! (hey, hey) You UGLY!         [note: to do this right, you really
U-G-L-Y, you ain't got no alibi                 need to shake your booty at this point]
You UGLY! (hey, hey) You UGLY! (so...)
Go back, go back, go back to the woods! ('cause..)
You ain't, you ain't, you ain't got the goods!
You ain't got the rhythm,
you ain't got the jazz,
You ain't got none of what [insert home team here] has!!!

(cheerleader voice) Woo! Spirit!

Seriously, doesn't that make you feel like you just went to a pep rally? Go team!

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