As many people noticed (and apparently appreciated) in my write-up under Everything Theme Song I placed a parody of the theme song to "Cheers". I've recieved /msgs in the chatterbox and in #everything from people who (I think) understood why it is that I went with that particular tune.

Everything2 is my "cheers" on the web. It's where I go to get away. When work has stressed me out, I'm feeling blue, or I'm just having problems dealing with the hand that life has delt me I come here. And although everybody may not node my name (indeed in the "nodes about noders" department I rank relativley low), and no one shouts "LordOmar" when I log on (I understand, it doesn't have the ring that "Norm" does, something to do with syllables I guess), I still feel at ease as long as the jukka theme is sitting in front of me.

We have our Sam, our Norm, our Coach and even our Cliff Clavin and Diane. I could thank the creator for erecting this bastion of sanity on the web, but, like the bar in Cheers, what endears it to us are it's inhabitants. We've all learned about the quirks of noders, shoot, we've heard this whole spiel before. It's the "man, I love e2 speech". Guess we all have to say it once.

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