Davidian on ... The 2003 MLB playoffs

Ladies and Gentlemen of Earth, we need you. If you beleived in fairies you were told to clap. We're just asking for your good thoughts. Y'see, there's this lingering problem. It's been going on for a real long time. Like, longer than Grandpa and Grandma have been alive. Yeah, it's a biggun. It's not just for me, but millions of other people all over the world. We all have one hope, Cubs vs Red Sox in the World Series.

Yeap. Start praying now, cuz we're gonna need it. Boston hasn't won the big game since 1918. We all, unfortunatly, remember the last time they made it, don't we? The Cubbies are even worse, not having won the final showdown since 1908 (iirc). That's a combined 180 years of heartbreak and sadness. This year, there's a chance that both teams could make it to the World Series, a dream come true.

Who really wants to see another Yankees/Braves World Series? We all recognize their dominance in Baseball (well, I recognize the Braves') so just let it go. As much as I'd love to see George Steinbrenner go away (he said he'd step down if the Spankees won), I don't want the Yankees to win another game, ever. Call me another selfish Bostonian, but that's the way love goes.

Enough with the yaddayadda, let's get to the good stuff. The Red Sox are a powerhouse team this year. Playing un-Sox-like for most of the season, the Sox hold the MLB record for extra base hits (doubles, triples and home runs) in a season with 630 right now (previous record was 608 by the 1996 Seattle Mariners)and more importantly, have not folded in August, let alone September. But can they go to the Series? That remains to be seen. The AL playoffs are going to consist of the Twins, Yanks, Red Sox and A's, as per usual. If the Yanks lose somehow, then our path to Nirvana lies at our feet. The perennial thorn in Boston's side might stuff us again, but if we could manage to beat them... oh the parties...

But I digress. I think the Cubs are going to have the harder route to make it to the big shindig than Boston. With the Giants (atleast while Barry Bonds is healthy) and the Braves both playing well and the Marlins playing like they've always been a contender. Plus they haven't won their division just yet. The Astros could still turn things around and win the Central. Stranger things have happened, like serious talk about a Cubs/Red Sox World Series.

So who's gonna win? My Bostonian influence makes me say the Red Sox, because they really, really need to. This being the best Red Sox team in years doesn't hurt. I'm convinced that the National Happines Scale (also known as the Nappy Scale) of America would go up atleast 30 points if The Beantown Bombers manage to win it all. This is about the same for Cubs, baseball's lovable losers (no one like the Tigers, although, at this point, I'd try and lose if I were them). We can only hope that October will give us the salvation that we need so bad. Start chanting with me now, "Yan-kees suck! Yan-kees suck!"