If you're such a good critic, how come you're so silent?

I don't mind being downvoted for committing an aggregious literary faux pas. I don't mind being downvoted for showing my ass and being generally ignorant. I don't mind be downvoted for writing something which does not add to the database in any significant way. I do not mind being upvoted for making someone stop and think. I don't mind being upvoted for causing laughter. I don't mind being upvoted because you happen to like me or someone we both know. I don't mind a vote in either direction, simply because you're dumping votes and are, let's face it, an XP whore.

Vote however your conscience guides you. But at least have the decency to comment on why you'd take an active role in tearing down something that is perfectly good.

I write, mostly, fiction and daylogs. I feel that fiction or prose which depicts the human experience is just as important and relevant to E2 as any factual node out there. Emotions and imagery can not always be conveyed in a factual writeup and fiction or prose are very adept at putting some people's precious little facts into context.

When you affect the rating of a fiction/prose writeup, you are, in some way, affecting every other writeup that it is linked to. Your vote is a very small pebble in a very large pond, but it does indeed have an effect on the overall nodegel. You may not like fiction or prose, but do try to remember that almost all fiction and prose nodes here are linked to some very factual "stuff" for some very valid reasons.

Drop that pebble and watch the ripples flow.

So I was wrong. Some of you out there actually do read these things. While I'm fairly certain some people are hoping for a small Russian satellite to fall out of orbit and crush me, thereby stopping my flow of self-deprecation and general misanthropy, it ain't gonna happen, bucko. A smart fellow pointed out to me that the daylogs are as good a place as any to let out everything I keep trapped inside; at the moment, that happens to be pain, self-loathing, and semi-righteous indignation. While I could probably satisfy some dark corner of my soul by express mailing my ex choice selections of roadkill, this is no doubt a saner (not to mention more legal) solution.

My "Desert Island, All-Time, Top-Five Most Memorable Split-Ups" Mix.

Alkaline Trio - "I Lied My Face Off" 4.07
The Cure - "Pictures of You" 4.45
Dropkick Murphys - "The Dirty Glass (Blackout version)" 3.38
Mary Prankster - "The World Is Full of Bastards" 1.55
The Impossibles - "So Much" 3.24
Reel Big Fish - "Beer" 3.32
Mad Caddies - "No Hope" 1.26
Less Than Jake - "Jen Doesn't Like Me Anymore" 2.56
(originally) Green Day - "Nice Guys Finish Last" 2.49
On a recommendation from 409... Green Day - "Dry Ice"
Bad Religion - "1000 Memories" 3.00
Apocalypse Hoboken - "Considerate Suicide" 1.13
Sevendust - "Bitch" 3.43
Soft Cell - "Tainted Love" 2.42
Bauhaus - "All We Ever Wanted" 3.48
Joy Division - "Heart and Soul" 5.48
Aerosmith - "Falling in Love Is Hard on the Knees" 3.25
The Beatles - "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" 2.11
Simon and Garfunkel - "I Am a Rock" 2.49
The White Stripes - "Pain" 1.42
Stabbing Westward - "Sometimes It Hurts" 3.39
Jimmy Ruffin - "What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted?" 3.02
Leonard Cohen - "Famous Blue Raincoat" 5.14
Brand New - "I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't" 6.08

Stay tuned for further developments. I can't wait until I get to the pseudo-acceptance phase-- or denial, same thing. Heh. This is sort of like a soap opera, only involving fewer evil twins and long-lost cousins...

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