I have been more scared today than I have ever been in my life. Today is the only day since the blizzard of 1973 that the college of wooster has been shut down, no classes, no events, no volleyball game tonight. Everyone here has been, and still are, in a panic from the events that have occurred this morning. A flight from Boston to Los Angeles crashed into the World Trade Towers, as did another plane. Another plane crashed into the Pentagon, still another 80 miles southeast of Pittsburg, and a fifth into Camp David. There is also another over Toledo, Ohio as I type; and a sixth plane was grounded at Hopkins International Airport in Cleveland, believed to have a bomb on board. All buildings over 30 stories have been evacuated in Cincinatti (man I hope i spelled that right), and many major building in Cleveland have been evacuated, and almost all of the privately owned ones have been suggested to evacuate as well.

We have taken a lot of things for granted here in the United States, our safety and "untouchability" were probably the top two.

I'm scared for the girl who I don't know who's boyfriend is in Washington D.C.. I'm scared for my fraternity brother, who's older brother (an alum of Wooster and my fraternity) is a captain in the Marines. Most of all I'm scared for my parents, who were supposed to fly from Boston to Chicago tomorrow.

Fear is something that I am not accustomed to. When I first heard about it, from a good friend's girlfriend, it sounded so loudacrous that I thought she was pulling my chain, I just didn't want to believe, why should I have? Then I heard more from another fraternity brother and was terrified that WWIII was going to start, with George W. Bush at the helm...

Yes there has been some mirth and merriment, tho it has been few and far between. I feel that this day can best be summed up as one one which you don't wanna run out of cigarettes. I hope that those responsible for this heinous acts can be punished, tho I fear they are too decentralized for a quick and effective measure (this one of the few times I want to bomb the shit out of a part of this planet). I hope that none of this goes on any longer. Humanity needs to get past this stupid bullshit of ethnicity and relgious difference and come together, not in world peace, because that won't happen. World Coolness is in order.

I just hope that more innocent people, who really have nothing to do with the bastardian acts America has done, won't be hurt any more today, for we all have suffered greatly on this now infamous date.

For all who have lost friends, family, or themselves, I know the men of ΦΔΣ give you all the regards we can, as Americans, as humans, and as people.

Addendum added 9-11-03

Not all of the information appearing above is correct. A fifth plane did not fly into Camp David, although there was much speculation that one had. At the time I wrote this, a great deal of misinformation, as well as a great lack of information, about what had happened had come from everywhere. We're not talking the internet either. Details were reported as they came in, right or wrong. The news reports changed drasticly from the morning to the evening. Only one thing remains clear, this is the greatest tragedy of my generation, if not several generations. I do not wish to change the above text at all, bad spellings included, as I think it preserves the scared, frantic feelings we all had that unfortunate day. May the spirits of those lost rest in peace, may another tragedy of such magnitude never happen again. May the people of Earth, not just America, not Europeans or those who's ancestories can be traced back there, learn from this fateful day. May we not come together, arm in arm, brother and brother, but learn to respect the differences that make humanity beautiful. As they said in a great 80's movie, "Be excellent to each other."