I could be most horribly screwed.

They have a house payment coming up, I meanwhile have nothing, except for 2 months of rent, including my asshole housemate's half (the fucker split on me while I was on vacation) and not to mention 2 months of bills. I still have no money.

I was looking forward to today, expecting to recieve the fat check I assumed was coming to me. My parents recieved a letter from Merril Lynch yesterday, what else could it be? It had to be a check, I needed a check, not any check, but THAT check. It would take away the money I owed the bank, my scumlords, my shitty cable ISP and any other debt that was owed to me, it would all be wiped away in one series of check writing. However this was not to be.

In yet another fucked up series of circumstances, I have been assholed yet again. I have not grown a liking to large blunt objects shoved into my rectum, and has since become greatly annoying. I didn't recieve a check, instead I recieved four pieces of paper that could have basically said, "Fuck You", "You're screwed", "Start Praying" and "HA HA" (how Nelson from The Simpsons does it). I believe that I have been fucked. It would be nice if they mentioned that this check would be coming later and that a "certification" signifying that this shit went down all proper like would come first. I expected the check to come at the same time the last one did, not 4 days later.

Did I mention that my scumlords threatened to evict me if I didn't pay by Friday?

I have no idea where I'd go, I think I'd fill my car up and drive to my girl's with all the important stuff (my computer, some clothes, and, of course, the vibrator) and then take everything else back to my house. The only problem becomes, what do I do with all my fraternity's and everyone else's stuff that is here? Store it with the absolutely 0 money that I have? This would also effectively ruin my noding streak that I've had going recently, as my computer only has a NIC, and no modem.

I don't think I've ever felt this hopeless and broken, I just hope my scumlords decide to be nice...