The WWF's late answer to Bill Goldberg. Brock Lesnar is of impressive size and strength (the man hoisted the 440 punds Rikishi up to his shoulds and hit a spinning pancake on him like it was nothing). Brock is being currently being pushed as an animal, who is only controlled by his mouth, the great Paul Heyman. Heyman and Brock compliment each other amazingly well. Sometimes during matches you can hear Heyman yelling instructions to Lesnar. His ring attire is black boots with black tights. There's a white stripe, which kinda looks like a spine, running up the back of his trunks. Even his attire is similar to Goldberg

Brock's moveset is limited. He only pulls off a few power moves and doesn't have the ability to run an excellent match yet, but hey, he just debuted. He has a pancake/flapjack maneuver as well as the Spiral Bomb mentioned by fhayashi. When Brock made his Debut, either the April 1, 2002 or April 8, 2002 Raw he devastated several smaller wrestlers currently involved in a tag match. Brock is currently feuding with the Hardy Boyz. The Feud started when Brock interrupted the tag match and destroyed the hardyz with all his powermoves and the triple powerbomb, with the third one being the spiral bomb. Needless to say, the ring looked like a wasteland. The fued was fueled when Heyman went into the Hardyz's locker room and stole a duffel bag full of Lita's thongs, and began flinging them into the crowd. Lucky crowd. Anywho, Brock went on to demolish Jeff Hardy at Backlash, which occured on Sunday, April 21, 2002. He did not get the pin to win, he just hit powermove after powermove and sqaushed Jeff until the Ref called for the bell. He did the same thing on Raw the next day to Jeff's brother Matt, although Matt did manage to get someoffense in.

For the next several months expect Brock to be "fed" smaller, weaker or unused/misused superstars building him up to be an animal and a killer. A face turn on his current manager will also happen somewhere down the line, as Brock won't be a heel his entire run. Just believe everyone when they say that he's the future of the WWF.