6-foot, 4-inch, 225-pound former defensive tackle of the State University Sand Crabs turned sportscaster. He's the featured character in a comic strip of the same name.

Former Houston Chronicle film critic and humor columnist Jeff Millar teamed up with illustrator Bill Hinds in 1974 to do a sports-themed comic strip. The strip appears in 300 or so newspapers, sometimes on the funny pages, sometimes in the sports section. Tank's sports broadcasting role allows the strip to focus on the business of sports. Its focus on the commercialization and exploitation of sports really makes it an editorial cartoon. Millar writes all the strips, and sends his scripts to Hinds, who draws bits and pieces, and assembles them on a Macintosh. (Hinds' own lettering was scanned to make a customized font)

The strip also features an annual sports jerk poll, where readers vote for the most obnoxious figure in sports. The "winner" is roasted in the strip.

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