Spike Dudley (real name: Matt Hyson), of Dudleyville (actually, Providence, Rhode Island), doesn't look like he belongs in a wrestling ring. Standing 5'5" (usually billed as 5'7" or so), weighing a legit 150 pounds or so, he certainly doesn't seem to fit in with some of the big monsters normally seen on WWE programming.

Hyson got his start in 1993. While training to become a referee, his trainer encouraged him to consider wrestling as well. He worked in a number of small promotions in California until September 1996, when he moved to ECW and became Spike Dudley, part of the insanely big Dudley family.

For a while, Spike was put over as a "giant killer," winning matches over giants like Bam Bam Bigelow. He also held the ECW tag team title, with Balls Mahoney, for a while.

Unfortunately, since signing with WWF, he has descended into midcard Hell. He had a not-very-memorable family feud (he and his "brothers" against the Holly cousins, Hardcore, Crash, and Molly), which degenerated into a weird Romeo and Juliet thing (where he and Molly had to fight off both their "families"), and presently seems to be a Jobber to the Stars.

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