This is a console game for the Nintendo Gamecube that was released in 2001. It is the sequel to the popular N64 fighting game Super Smash Brothers and is very similar to the original, containing most of the same characters and similar gameplay with revamped graphics. The characters include:

Each series or game represented in Super Smash Bros. Melee has its own special arena. Some arenas from the game are: There are plenty of secret arenas that can be unlocked by reaching certain parameters (I haven't gotten any yet, don't ask me how to find them (-: ) Gameplay is exactly the same as in the first Super Smash Bros., but several new modes have been included. There is a classic match mode, where players fight computer opponents one by one until they defeat a final boss and a side-scrolling adventure mode reminiscent of Double Dragon. A group of special scenarios have been added in an "Event Match" mode, where certain conditions must be met for a player to complete the scenario (e.g., Mario has to defeat 25 enemies in five minutes to win). A plethora of minigames (a home-run contest and obstacle course, to name a few) can also be played separately at any time. A "Trophy Gallery" feature in which one can collect items from a gum ball machine is also new. Each time a tournament is won, the player gains coins. These can be used to buy trophies. However, the trophies are of no use in actual gameplay, so it's pointless to collect them. Multiplayer is the same as in the first game, with a few new options and a tournament mode. I would've liked to see more innovation in Super Smash Bros. Melee, as it's basically just an expansion of the first. I was able to know every character's attacks when I first played, as they're almost all the same from the last game. However, the multiplayer is still great to play against friends, and the single player adventure mode is refreshingly new. If you're going to lay down the cash for Gamecube, make sure to pick this up.