Are you scared of Web surfing?

Terrified of technology?

You are not alone. And there is help. Getting plugged in to the information revolution is easier than you think.

You may even find that it's fun.

Ask yourself what you want to get from your technology adventures. Do you want to track your stocks online? Do you want to keep up with the breaking news from around the world? Do you want to listen to music online? Or do you just want to e-mail your kids at college?

There are millions of people who cringe at the idea of looking something up on the Web or who rank the idea of installing software with jumping out of an airplane without a parachute.

Don't despair. No matter what your "computer geek" friends may tell you, everybody -- even your 6-year-old who may be in the living room working on his Web site as you read this -- was a computer novice once.



These are exerpts from my local conservative newspaper, and are an example of why people who know practically nothing about computers shouldn't be writing columns for "tech wise".

Of course, this also proves the point that newspapers are not keeping up with what's new in the "information revolution". This article is so filled with cliches it's painful to read.

And, I feel sorry for these people who equate installing software to a certain and painful death (ala jumping out of an airplane without a parachute). Perhaps the newspaper editors have personal experience with this type of extreme technological phobia?