A dubious honor that Australia always likes to bestow itself with. The nation always claims to have "multiculturalism", which is supposed to mean a wide diversity of ethnicities and nationalities. Even though I lived in Australia for a good five years, I can still never understand what the word is supposed to actually mean.

Just a while back (oh, about twenty years ago), Australia was a bastion of white supremacy. The White Australia Policy ruled supreme, and immigration of races other than Northern and Western European was severly restricted by law. After the massive influx right after World War II, where the government allowed token numbers in, the gates were shut again. It was not until the 1970's that this nasty policy was disbanded.

Not to mention Australia's track record with minorities was probably even more atrocious than America's. Remember the mass-slaughter of the Aborigines? Today, small pockets of them are left, mostly in Northern Australia, where they live on government land and spend government money, not giving a care in the world. A tragedy.

Now, Australia has transformed into liberalism central. Other than Queensland and other rural areas, everyone is for big government. Political correctness, served up American style, is often quoted and used. Pretty disgusting. "Multiculturalism" probably originated in the 1980's in an attempt to show the world how diverse they are, ignoring their past. "Look at us, we have a huge collection of minorities!" Makes me sick how 50 years ago, a PM was given a standing ovation when he declared "Two Wongs don't make a Wright", in regard to Chinese immigration.

The "I have lots of gay friends" mentality is probably the driving force behind this ridiculous notion of multiculturalism. "Look at us, we have lots of minorities, we can't be bad! We abide by PC!" If anything, America is probably more diverse than Australia. At yet, Australians proudly speak of their multiculturalism, most of them not knowing of their country's own skeletons in the closet, hastily locked away only a few decades ago. Screw political correctness.